SANTA 2019 Dartmouth, Massachusetts Photographer ~ Jennifer Sullivan Photography

dartmouth photographer -400-32.jpg

The joy and magic of childhood and Christmas…First let me say what a relief it is to have all these galleries finally edited and deliver safe and sound to their families. I have been stressing all week about the possibility of my computer crashing or my hard drive falling and so on but it was all worth it to see the magic of Christmas through the eyes go so many children. Some loved Santa, some wouldn’t go near him…but I feel truly blessed to have shared these moments with all of you.

This time of year, I really stop and think how lucky I am to watch your children grow and watch them reach milestones. Thank you for letting me part of that and capturing these moments for you. Watching your children interact with Santa is just magical…it makes you realize that we need to slow down and enjoy these little moments. They go by too fast. It seems like just yesterday, I was enjoying these moments with my first and now we are looking at colleges. I don’t know how it happened so fast.

I hope you enjoy these highlights of our day with Santa! Until next year…